Nizar Katrangi PhD
Eyad Katrangi PhD

Collection of a 24-hour urine specimen


The Following Instructions will guide you in the proper collection of a 24 hour urine specimen. in some instances, you will be asked to collect two or three consecutive 24-hour urine sample.


  • You should collect every drop of urine during each 24 hour period. it does not matter how much or little urine is passed each time, as long as every drop is collected.
  • Begin the urine collection in the morning after you wake up, after you have emptied you bladder for the first time.
  • Urinate (empty the bladder) for the first time and flush it down the toilet. Note the exact time (eg, 6:15 AM). You will begin the urine collection at this time. 
  • Collect every drop of urine during the day and night in an empty collection bottle. Store the bottle in the refrigerator.
  • If you need to have a bowel movement, any urine passed with the bowel movement should be collected. Try not to include feces with the urine collection. If feces does get mixed in, start over collection of urine at the next day.
  • Finish be collecting the first urine passed the next morning, adding it to the collection bottle. This should be within ten minutes before or after the time of the first morning void on the first day (which was flushed). in this example, you would try to void between 6:05 and 6:25 AM on the second day.
  • If you need to urinate one hour before the final collection time, drink a full glass of water so that you can void again at the appropriate time. If you have to urinate 20 minutes before, try to hold the urine until the proper time.
  • Please note tha exact time of the final collection, even if it is not the same time as when collection began on day 1.


Keep the bottle in the refrigerator during collection of sample.