Nizar Katrangi PhD
Eyad Katrangi PhD


Immulite 2000 XPi

The highly reliable IMMULITE® 2000 XPi system is easy to use and has one of the largest automated immunoassay menus available. Medium- to high-volume laboratories can incorporate specialty and allergy testing into routine workloads to improve productivity and efficiency.

Advia 2120i

Siemens Advia 2120I

Siemens Healthineers’ high-volume hematology analyzer, the ADVIA® 2120i System with Autoslide* streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity. It delivers the gold-standard in testing methodology for optimum results while offering the simplicity and flexibility you need for easy integration into lab.

  • Differentiates microcytic anemias with advanced RBC and reticulocyte technology.
  • Automates hematology workflow without the need for large track-based systems, expensive stains, or reflexive testing.
  • Delivers gold-standard flow cytometry peroxidase methodology for optimum results
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of costly platelet transfusions with accurate results the first time—even at very low platelet levels.
  • Unique cytochemical differentiation of myeloid and lymphoid cells, and six-parameter differential supplies additional clinical information.
  • Direct measurements of intracellular hemoglobin provide sensitive and specific RBC morphology for accurate and early detection of disease states.
  • Accurate platelet counts in the clinically significant range (excluding microcytic red cells and cell fragments) minimize the number of manual counts and unnecessary, costly platelet transfusions.
  • Further isolate and identify disease states without additional labor through CSF and CHr testing capabilities.

BN ProSpec

The BN ProSpec® is a dedicated, compact system that offers a consolidated menu of specialty and routine reagents for reliable plasma protein testing including cardiac risk assessment, kidney diseases, nutritional assessment and iron and anemia assessment as well as innovative markers such as monoclonal kappa and lambda free light chains, Cystatin C and Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin (CDT).

  • Ideal for low- to mid-volume plasma protein throughput
  • Comprehensive menu from one source: Over 64 assay protocols available for determination of various sample types
  • Optimal alignment of systems and reagents
  • Refrigerated onboard storage of controls and reagents
  • Assistance with clinical interpretation through our innovative range of assessment programs available for Protis® Data Management System.