Nizar Katrangi PhD
Eyad Katrangi PhD


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System
CLIA uses two important technologies, one is labeling technology which determines reaction mode; and the other is
separation technology which determines the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of the reagents.

Sample Loading
Up to 144 primary tubes, Continuous loading, STAT available, Barcode reader recognition or analyzer auto numbered, LIS connection, auto read sample info, Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply

Reagent Loading
25 reagents on board, Continuous loading, RFID reading all info of reagents, Refrigerated reagent area.

Reagent Features
Integrated kit, ready-to-use, no pretreatment required, Integrated kit including calibrators, Using superparamagnetic micrbeads, RFID tag storing all info of reagent, RFID tag with built-in master curve, 2-point calibration to adjust master curve, Calibration stability: Max 4 weeks.